Student Assessment Calendar

Future Due Date
Not completed or Not submitted
Draft submitted only
Absent for medical reasons

This copy of the School Assessment Calendar will cover all assessment to be set for students in the current year.

The Assessment Calendar will be updated at least once each school day. A new calendar will become available in the third week of each semester.

While every attempt is made to keep this document current with regard to curriculum plans at the school, there can always be circumstances from time to time that make it necessary for teachers to postpone an assessment item for a short time. Any assessment item in this calendar will not be conducted before the advertised date, but may be set some time after that if it is in the best interests of students in the class. Teachers will endeavour at all times to keep assessment due dates updated where necessary.

The school assessment policy is available here:
Urangan State High School Assessment Policy

Parents and guardians should make reference to this policy when arranging extensions for student assessment dates or notifying the school of student absences on assessment dates.

The calendar is regularly updated regarding the completion of assessment items. Teachers will record if students have completed the assessment to their satisfaction, if not completed, or if only a draft was submitted. After marking the item, if the work is found to be of insufficient quality to achieve a passing mark, it will be marked as unsatisfactory. In some cases where a medical certificate has been supplied, a student may be recorded as absent for an assessment item. This information is listed in the Submit column of the assessment calendar for each item as displayed to the right.

There may be a short delay of a few days after a submission date before all submission data becomes available. Meanwhile, students have access to live updates the assessment calendar from their login at school at any time.

To access your current Assessment Calendar, type in your school login and click Show Calendar. Parents who are uncertain of the correct login code for their student may contact the school for this information as necessary.